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  添加时间:2016-1-06    技术支持:宇霞信息


  To further standard market order, protecting fair competition in the market, improve the mechanism of the tender and bidding, procuratorate according to the law of the People's Republic of China bidding ZhaoBiaoFa "and" the supreme people's procuratorate to accept bribery, illegal file query provisional regulations on promoting recruit bidding credit system construction, subject to the approval from NingJiang agreed to turn the county "in the recruit bidding activity of bribery, illegal file query mindset". Jinan do tender

  该《定见》规则但凡国家财政出资的工程建造项目或许招商引资建造项目涉及公共安全、大众利益的建筑,以及大宗物资收购项目招标的有关招标单位和法定代表人及项目经理负责人,有必要接受受贿违法档案查询,一起,还对受贿违法档案录入信息查询规模、查询请求、查询审阅、查询奉告、贰言与复核、应用与反应、法律责任等方面做出了清晰的规则,保证了查询作业标准化、系统化、日?;?。受贿违法档案查询作业是检察机关运用信息网络技术依托准则建造防止职务违法的立异举措。为方便社会查询,为公司和大众供给优异的查询效劳,保证查询程序的标准和查询内容的及时准确,该院在人力、物力上给予保证,防止科确定专人、专用电脑查询,并对作业人员进行违法档案信息录入、查询操作培训,对资料齐全的单位和自己请求查询的,做到了当天受理审请,当天审阅,当天查询, ,当天奉告。

  The "mindset" rule in national finance investment of engineering construction project investment promotion and capital introduction may build project involves the interests of the public safety, public buildings, as well as the bulk materials purchase project bidding on the bid invitation unit and the legal representative and the project manager in charge, it is necessary to accept bribery, illegal file query, together, also size of bribery, illegal file entry information query, query request, query, query comment, two words and review, application and reaction, and make the legal responsibility of the clear rules, guarantee the query operation standardization, systematization, day-to-day work. Bribery, illegal file query operation is the procuratorial organ apply to information network technology based on criteria built to prevent illegal different measures. Query for the convenience of society, and mass supply excellent query service for the company, to ensure that the standard query process and query the content accurately in time, the hospital to give assurance on manpower and material resources, prevent sure specialist, dedicated computer queries, and illegal operation personnel archives information entry, query operation training, to complete information units and their request of the query, do the day to accept the umpire please, on the day of the review, query, that day, on the day of the comment.


  In the past two years, for the unit and their dealing with the query you thousands of times. The further expansion of the homework, to bribe illegal construction category is used, the high incidence of early warning, prevention and control, the collective and link to the improved market access and the threshold of the relevant industry management and administrative management, to promote the good faith construction, optimization of the environment, promote construction played an important role in punishing corruption prevention system.


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